A Nuxt.js Boilerplate - Full Static

Published: 14/07/2020 1 min read
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Recently, I wrote a post about my little Nuxt.js boilerplate that gives you:

👉 SASS support 

👉 Global style resources module

👉 Nuxt.js Site map module

👉 Auto import components module

I've added some modules and upgraded it! Here are the changes:

👉 Upgraded to Nuxt.js v2.13.3

👉 Added google tag manager module

👉 Added robots module

👉 Added full static option in nuxt.config.js

Also, Nuxt has new commands for full static builds. So, I've added a handy npm script for a quick static build & run in my package.json:

"scripts": {
    "gen": "nuxt build && nuxt export && nuxt serve"

Simply run: npm run gen  and it will generate a full static website and serve it to your local dev environment.

👉 Get the boilerplate here: https://github.com/yossi-abramov/sassy-nuxt-boilerplate

👉 Read more about going full static: https://nuxtjs.org/blog/going-full-static 


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