Laravel & PHP visual studio code extensions

Published: 20/04/2020 2 min read

If your default/favorite code editor is Visual Studio Code and you write in PHP, Laravel and the likes I'm sure these Visual Studio Code extensions will come in very handy👌!

1. PHP Namespace Resolver

No more searching for PHP Class namespaces. PHP Namespace Resolver allows you to import the correct class namespace directly to the top of your document's <?php declaration. After installing this extension simply  right-click on a class and get options like:

  • Import Class
  • Import All Classes

Get  PHP Namespace Resolver By Mehedi Hassan

2. laravel-go-to-controller

This extension lets you navigate quickly to controller methods from you web.php route file. After installing, all controller methods in your web.php file will be underlined and linked directly to the relevant controller method.

Get laravel-go-to-controller By stef-k 

3. Laravel goto view

Same as laravel-go-to-controller but for all you blade files and views. This extension allows you to fly through all of you views and components by making all you blade @include()'s

Get Laravel goto view

4. Laravel Blade Snippets

Laravel blade snippets is by far one of the most valuable Laravel extension there is. After installing it, simply start typing b: and get a list of available blade directives. Its features include:

  • Blade syntax highlighting
  • Emmet works in blade template (!)

Get Laravel Blade Snippets By Winnie Lin

Hope these extensions speed up you development processes✌. 

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